22 November 2004

Sons and Daughters - 'Love the Cup'

Not for the first time, I was a bit slow in finding out about this. I should have just trusted the label. Domino is the nearest thing we have right now to a record label that can automatically be trusted. Like Chemikal Underground in its glory days, if you see the Domino logo while browsing the racks, you can assume your pennies are going to be spent wisely.

Sons and Daughters once again prove this rule of thumb to be a wise one with their mini LP/CD Love the Cup. This band is an intriguing mix of choice ingredients. They’re big city hicks, country cow-punks. In here is folk and jangle, rhythm, the occasional need to howl, and a bit of Americana. All the songs come tinged with melancholy. Oh, and they understand a chorus alright. It’s a compelling blend – and all this in seven songs! Like so many of the great groups, they have two singers, one female, one male, who share duties and sometimes coincide, and as it happens I’m going to eschew the predictable Delgados comparison. But bands like this only ever come from Scotland, don’t they? The single Johnny Cash was my way in to the band, and it’s still my favourite of theirs. It lives up to its title, and that’s praise. Broken Bones is my next most-loved tune. Ah, now I want to listen to it again. I think they might just be my newest favourite band.

As this is on Domino, you can find it in shops. The band’s website is www.sonsanddaughtersloveyou.co.uk, and the feeling’s mutual.

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