16 November 2004

The Schneider TM Experience - 'Psychedelic Queen'

I picked this up in Jumbo Records, Leeds, strolling about killing time before the train home after Leeds 1 Burnley 2. It turned out to be fortuitous diversion, and a fitting coda to a fine evening. As well as this, I dug up a great raw garage 7” where the Little Killers get heartily stuck into some Rolling Stones tune – I may come back to this – and the essential latest (and, sadly, final?) instalment in Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures series, Volume Four.

But just how good is this record? I played the b side, Uh Yeah, Baby, by mistake first. It’s basically noise. Okay, I think I’ve come to like it, but first instinct was something had gone wrong with the pressing. Turn it over and a gem of gems is revealed in the form of Psychedelic Queen, a ludicrous and exuberant cover version of, erm, Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. Actually, it’s probably one of Queen’s best songs (hey, when the competition is Radio Ga-Ga and Fat Bottomed Girls, there’s praise). Schneider TM’s version is noisy, scuzzy and, I suspect, utterly sincere. This right now is the record that can’t fail to pick me up. One blast of its mad energy, and the broadest smile breaks the sourest day. And christ knows there are enough of those at the moment.

Apparently there are 300 of these on Earsugar Jukebox - www.earsugar.com. Schneider TM's website is here - www.schneidertm.com. Download their great version of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out while you're around.

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