10 December 2004

Piney Gir - 'Peakahokahoo'

This is already in danger of getting overplayed in our house. I have to resist the temptation to stick it on again and again. It sits enthroned atop the listening pile.

I knew little about this women until she supported the inevitable Broken Family Band at a ‘secret’ gig in a very strange location (the Department for Education and Skills Social Club!) a couple of weeks ago. BFB were as great as they always are of course, but I liked her too. She played, with a backing band, an all too short set of daft, cute, sleazy, keyboard-driven country-ish tunes, and I knew then I need to hear more.

She’s not scared to try to turn her hand to anything, this Piney. All kinds of things go on in here. One minute she’s Peaches, the next Suzi Quattro. A gorgeous country number, and my favourite, Greetings, Salutations, Goodbye, gives way to the dreamy nursery rhyme of K-I-S-S-I-N-G, which is followed in turn by Nightsong, a romantic, easy listening duet with the always puzzling Simple Kid. I’ll always fall for a song with whistling in it. Elsewhere, My Generation and Que Cera Cere lie trembling, assaulted. All kinds of different styles rub against each other and the result is good, dishevelled fun.

Her website’s here - www.pineygir.com - the LP’s on Truck Records - www.truckrecords.com - and clicking the link to buy online will take you to the Oxford Music shop - www.oxfordmusic.net.

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