07 December 2004

65daysofstatic - 'The Fall of Math'

Do you know, this is brilliant. Perhaps you already do. Again, I suspect I was slow to pick up on this. I thought for once I might have been ahead of the pack, but when I mentioned to my friend Phil that I’d bought this record, his response was to yawn that he’d had it ages, and if I thought that was good, I really ought to hear some terribly obscure band whose name I forgot instantly. Hmph. As it happens, I saw this lot ages back, supporting someone else, and liked them, but the early records were on some label that produces 15 copies of a release no one ever can find, and until now they’d eluded me.

Anyway, as I said, this is great. Perhaps in the future all music will be like this. Or perhaps the end of the world will sound like this. 65daysofstatic (the only annoying thing is their spaceless name) are where you end up when you get past post rock. Impossible here not to mention the kings of this territory, the esteemed Mogwai, but 65dos seize the baton and run with it a bit further. Or rather, they sit down for a pint with dance and electronica and then decide it would be more fun to pour the pint over the equipment and see what it all sounds like. The tunes come encrusted with technology. These are the sounds machines make as they wheeze their last and expire. I like music that grabs my head and I like music that grabs my body. This does both.

This is one of the best records of the year, and if you don’t have it that makes you worryingly less cool than me. The LP is out on Monotreme Records - www.monotremerecords.com - and this one can’t be that hard to find because HMV in London sells it, or you can get it on their website. The new single, Retreat! Retreat!, is out too, taken from the LP, with two other great tracks. (I particularly love the major cities of the world are being destroyed one by one by the monsters, and not just for the title). The band’s website is www.65daysofstatic.com, and they’ll let you download some more tunes there as well. Off you go.

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