25 November 2008

The Lovely Eggs - 'Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion?'

Oh, by the way, this is now officially the new best thing ever, and replaces all previous best things ever. We had a meeting about it and that was what was decided, okay? As is often the case, the Massive Crush taste committee were a little late getting around to this particular agenda item, as this tune has been huge in the world of proper music blogs that you can download stuff from for literally weeks, but you do realise how hard it is to get us all together for a meeting?

Anyway, we need new words in the English language to describe the casual and slightly crap genius of this latest offering. It's playground, nursery rhyme stuff, childishly sung, in a Talulah Gosh sort of way, that offers a new and escalatingly bizarre hipster checklist by which you will be judged and will fail. At which point they will sigh 'oh dear' and move on to the slimmer guy with a better cardigan than you and a full set of Pastels badges. It's the aural equivalent of one of those word ladder games that go from hate to love in five steps, taking us from digital accordions to time travelling in a De Lorean via a route that could best be described as entirely arbitrary. And then it rocks out. Of course you hear the Moldy Peaches in this and all your favourite mid to late eighties shambling anorak bands, and is there anything wrong with that exactly?

So, the Lovely Eggs. We love them. This forms part of a value for money five tune seven incher which gets quite Bearsuity and for which we're indebted to Cherryade records, whose releases are very rarely not worth a listen. Rudimentary googling, meanwhile, reveals a connection to the once-revered Angelica, who made us very happy once upon a time with 'Teenage Girl Crush'. Around these parts we prefer to listen to our music rather than watch it, but an amusing and indeed mildly disturbing video is also to be seen on the ubiquitous YouTube.

Go to it, kids. This is an order.

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