17 September 2008

The Kabeedies - 'Palindromes'

"Most of my parents are palindromes: M U M and D A D."

Yes! It's obvious but how come no one's said it before? This is brilliant, stupid and just a bit shit, always obviously a winning combination. This lot, The Kabeedies, sound like they just can't sit still. They're evidently an itchy hyperactive bunch. And here's a short, jerky, dumb and smart offering. Boy/girl singer combination. Really good. No need for sentences.

I'm never going to stop liking stuff like this, am I? This is the third or fourth cycle of this kind of thing coming into vogue - hey, remember Bis, and weren't they great at first? - and it often seems to hail from Norwich. This one surfaced on NRONE records, with which we've already confessed we're in love, and I recall an earlier single I enjoyed, 'Lovers Ought To' on the fairly reliable Cherryade label. Of course they're sickeningly young and have a terrible name (but then as I type I'm listening to and enjoying a band with the worst name ever of Thomas Tantrum) but I reckon they should do this for two years and then get their hair cut, grow fat and boring and go and work in a bank somewhere, if there are any banks left to work in by then. I'm going to make sure I see them live, even though I know I'll be the oldest fucker there.

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