17 August 2008

Mirror Mirror - 'New Horizons'

I recently had something of a clear-out and unearthed and distributed to bemused friends a number of duplicate seven inch singles. It happens. I go to the shop and can’t remember whether I already have something. There’s a vague list somewhere, but never with me. And then I buy things on the internet and while they're on their way via creaky post I forget and grab them on some trawl through the physical racks.

This was one, but I didn't mind having it twice, and consider the recipient of my second copy a lucky man. Mirror Mirror are another band I know nothing about, burnishing further my deserved reputation for finger on the pulse musical punditry. A cursory search of the web reveals at least one other band who got the name first, specialising in bad metal, and if I can't find it on the internet straight away then I can't find it. All I know is that this is a great record which has begun to haunt me. It sounds like it was recorded in a tunnel, but a beautiful brick tunnel deep in the country with brilliant, blinding white light pervading one end, or perhaps in the vaults of a minor cathedral. Let's move towards the light. This is slow-paced, blissful but spooky; it's choral; it makes me want to join a cult. Providing it was a cult with good music. I'd like this playing at two am as I fall asleep. I'd have beautiful dreams. It would also be suitable for a funeral in a rural church on a sunny day. Any takers?

An obvious point of comparison would be Low before they got boring, and it's on Half Machine records, which is now officially a pretty good record label.

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