28 April 2008

The Wave Pictures - 'Now You Are Pregnant'

Sometimes tunes have to hang around a while and seep into your consciousness before they really hit you. Songs don't always make an early impression, and nor should they. They might seem okay, but nothing special. Then on one listen, for whatever reason, something clicks, and the run of the mill suddenly becomes something you can't imagine living without.

Here's one of those, currently part of a particularly dangerous playlist along with the sumptuous Daytrotter version of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's Jeanne if You're Ever in Portland that left me blubbing twice on the same Victoria Line journey. Get a grip, boy. They're clearly a smart band, the Wave Pictures, shamelessly mining Postcard Records and vintage Hefner, the latest in that line of over-literate true indie bands who are doomed to make the girl smile but see her go off with someone who doesn't read books and has never even heard of Elefant records.

Not all their stuff does it for me but there are true gems amongst them, and this is the highest carat one, a bittersweet song to an ex-lover, the lyrics of which I'm not going to simply repeat here because half of the pleasure in these things is hearing them for yourself. This is one for anyone who's ever felt the pain of having an experience they couldn't share with a treasured ex, which should be most of us.

Ridiculously, this was a b side, recently re-emerging on a Moshi Moshi compilation of such given away with the increasingly ludicrous Artrocker magazine, though this is not their sort of thing at all. Their clothes are all wrong and they probably drink in unfashionable bars.

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