12 June 2005

James Yorkston and the Athletes - 'Song to the Siren'

I reckon Song to the Siren is that rarest of things - a 'classic' that actually is a classic. This song is timeless and indestructible. Now along comes James Yorkston, a man for whom I have a certain amount of time, without quite being able to put my finger on why, and he only goes and makes this song his own. He turns it into a Scottish folk song, complete with fiddles and nameless folky instruments (but thankfully no bagpipes). Somehow, this works. It makes me feel I'm back sitting in that pub in Tobermory, whisky in hand as the rain lashes the windows - but with someone good singing instead of Runrig xeroxes.

Anyway, it's a b-side of a 7" only - shove that up your ipod - and it's out on - oh here we go again - Domino records. Why don't we just rename this site the Domino fan club and be done with it, eh?

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