20 May 2005

Scout Niblett – 'Kidnapped By Neptune'

This is glorious and quite unnecessary record. I’m scared of analysing it, because really there’s not much there. It’s simple and ultra-repetitive, in some ways a brainless footstomper, a mantra woven from the milk, bread and potatoes of drum, guitar and voice. (You can still work magic with those basic ingredients.) An army could march to this. Every so often a sleazy-sounding woman interrupts the proceedings, the whole thing grinds to a halt and then starts up again. By the end she sounds somewhat exercised. This fits in somewhere between Stereolab if they were any good and Solex if she could occasionally resist the call of wackiness.

Once again I will betray the fact that I live in some kind of musical vacuum built out of endlessly reissued Fall CDs by shamelessly confessing that this woman had never previously crossed my path before I heard this on some radio show or other. Oh hang on, I just checked the website, and this is the person who did that loathsome cover version of Althea and Donna’s rare gem, Uptown Top Ranking? Glad I hadn’t realised that before, or this one would probably have lingered in the shop unpurchased. Anyway, it’s quite rightly a 7” only, and it’s on Too Pure, which is even kind of a proper record label, so there can be no excuse.

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